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CVB Video Stabilizer

CVB Video StablizerCVB Video Stabilizer is a high-performance tool for detecting and compen sating image transformations caused by movement of the camera.

  • Record image shifts rapidly and reliably up to half the image width or height with a resolution of up to 0.1 pixels
  • Determine rotations between two images in a range between -90° and +90° with an angle resolution of 0.1°
  • Detect changes in image size of up to 30% with a resolution of the scaling factor of 0.001
  • Optionally compensate high frequency movements with simultaneous gentle guiding of the camera image

The CVB Video Stabilizer operates on a correlation-based analytical procedure. Therefore, no markers or known structures are required in the image in advance. Instead, the entire image information is used to determine the transformation parameters and dominant changes in the image are reported automatically. With robust detection in poor or rapidly changing light conditions CVB Video Stabilizer can be used where automated image processing was previously impossible or limited, due to intrinsic camera movement, oscillation and vibration.

Additional use of CVB Optical Flow

While provided as separate tools CVB Video Stabilizer is usually used as a pre-processor for CVB Optical Flow.

Key features

  • Correction of whole image movement
  • Fully automatic - no pre setup
  • Movement data available for camera control
  • Deals with transition, rotation and scale
  • Corrected image output

Markets & Applications

  • Camera stabilisation for industry, traffic flow, illegal movement
  • Pre-processing for algorithms such as Optical Flow
  • Damping of camera and scene movement

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