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Have direct access to every image and no frames are lost anymore

Acquisition with Common Vision Blox

Video: Acquire images

Interested in Common Vision Blox? Then take a look at our short introduction to acquire images easy with CVB.

The power of the CVB acquisition interface

Probably the most essential feature of Common Vision Blox is the implementation of a hardware abstraction layer in CVB Image Manager. That allows users to access a variety of entirely different image sources, ranging from simple GigE cameras to high performance frame grabbers and covering all relevant interface and acquisition technologies available for machine vision, through the same simple API while still enabling access to a fair amount of hardware specific functionality.

Based on a clear architecture and integrated modularity, Common Vision Blox enables manufacturer independent changes of acquisition hardware and technology at any time, simply by loading the respective image acquisition driver.

For a list of supported acquisition devices you can either have a look at the Supported image acquistion hardware list and to the Download.

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