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Common Vision Blox - powerful, fast, modular

Common Vision Blox (CVB) is the most powerful, flexible and innovative vision software for implementing imaging and machine vision applications quickly and reliably.

CVB is based on STEMMER IMAGING’s vast experience with acquisition components from many different leading manufacturers and supports the latest acquisition technologies with maximum performance. It includes fundamental functionality for image acquisition, image access, image display, coordinate transformation, image normalization and much more. Based on a full implementation of the GenICam standard complete hardware independence is guaranteed.

CVB Camerasuite has the same functionality as CVB’s core module Image Manager. It is licensed by a Genicam (GigE Vision or USB3 Vision) camera purchased from STEMMER IMAGING and cannot have tools added to it. It is intended as an acquisition library for our hardware customers.


  • Solve very innovative machine vision tasks
  • Reduce the time to market without standard programming jobs
  • End customers with the help of skilled programmers or machine vision experts


  • Machine vision specialists
  • OEM customers for vertical applications
  • Universities and research organisations
  • End-users with a requirement for high performance vision tools


CVB provides a highly efficient acquisition basis and a set of image processing tools for a large range of applications. In addition, CVB offers you the opportunity to add your own know-how and interface to other libraries such as OpenCV.

CVB’s hardware-independent philosophy allows a change of acquisition hardware at any phase of a project. This releases users from hardware manufacturers’ obsolescence schedules and allows new users to take advantage of new hardware developments such as higher resolution cameras and higher speed interfaces as they become available.

  • Hardware independent

    • True choice of hardware without loss of control
    • DDK to fully support all specialist hardware
    • Direct image access by pointers and tables
  • Platform independent

    • MultiOS supporting Microsoft Windows 32-bit (XP, 7, 8, 10) / 64-bit (7, 8, 10) and Linux 32-bit / 64-bit (Ubuntu, Mint, Kubuntu), Yocto (OpenEmbedded Linux)
    • Support for ARM Platforms - Odroid SoC e.g. Samsung Exynos5422
    • Programmable with VB.NET, C#, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, or Intel C++
    • GNU Compiler collection (depending on operating system used)
  • Code independent

    • Combine multiple tools to create the best solution
    • CVB, open source libraries, 3rd party packages and own code can be used together


  • Image acquisition and processing libraries
  • Modular licensing, pay for the tools that you need
  • Free lifetime support
  • Free evaluation software
  • Hundreds of programming examples in multiple programming languages to help you to develop your own application as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Opportunities for cross-platform development so that a vertical application can move from Windows to Linux to embedded Linux if required.