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Download: CVB 2011 - Windows 32 bit

Common Vison Blox 2011 includes a variety of functions for image acquisition and processing, as well as an improved set of display methods. Different functions for plotting lines, circles and ellipses destructively into an image, as well as some algorithms for watershed transformation and wavelet transformation have been implemented. Various distance transforms and gradient-​based image segmentations, some new color space conversions and morphology functions are now available to ensure a quick and reliable vision application development.

Included with delivery of Service Pack 2 (Patch 5) are also the recently launched powerful tools:

  • CVB Flex Inspect
    Tool for flexible print & pattern inspection of objects with background deviations

  • CVB Optical Flow
    A powerful and highly optimized tool for the determination of localised motion in live video data

  • CVB Video Stabilizer
    Optimised algorithm for determination and compensation of full image movement in image data

Download drivers for CVB 2011 - Windows 32 bit

Support for cameras

Here you find CVB driver packages for supported cameras of different manufacturers.

Support for frame grabbers

Here you find CVB driver packages for supported frame grabbers of different manufacturers.

Run-Time library downloads

ISO image files

Download the ISO image of the complete CVB disc including setup and drivers for Windows and Linux.