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CVB 2017 - extensive opportunities for vision solution developers

6 Apr 2017

CVB 2017 is the latest release of STEMMER IMAGING’s versatile Common Vision Blox (CVB) programming library. With a number of new features for both Windows, Linux and Linux on ARM platforms, CVB 2017 continues to be a powerful, flexible and innovative software for fast and reliable development and implementation of challenging vision solutions.

This versatile software provides fundamental functionality for image acquisition, image access, image display, coordinate transformation, image normalization and much more. Crucially, CVB’s full implementation of the GenICam standard means that it is completely independent of the hardware used.

CVB Image Manager
  • Platform for the development of image processing applications
  • Open programming environment
  • Simple to operate, combining flexibility with high performance
  • Independent powerful aquisition engine
CVB Polimago
  • Position, rotation, scaling and tipping invariant pattern recognition
  • Fast execution speed for use in real time applications
  • Fully automatic generation of additional training images
CVB CameraSuite
  • Fully-featured SDK for GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras
  • Hardware-independent and flexible
  • Fully GenICam compliant
  • Available for various operating systems
  • Supports the main programming languages
CVB GigE Vision Server
  • Flexible image server on GigE Vision technology
  • Compliant to GigEVision and GeniCam standard
  • Data transfer to multiple PCs via multicast
  • Allows to define and transfer own camera features
CVB ShapeFinder
  • Object recognition software using an optimised Hough transformation
  • Offers rotation-invariant and scale-invariant operation
  • Contains functions making it possible to learn and search for any required objects
  • Contains functions for the Hough transformation of complete images