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Recognize organically varying features

CVB Manto is ideally suited for the recognition and the classification of organically varying features of natural products such as fruit, vegetable or plants. The software is able to quickly and easily learn the distinctive characteristics for example of apples and pears without running the risk of being over trained. The more examples you give, the better the recognition.

But that’s not all: Besides CVB Manto’s ability to classify different types of fruit the software is also able to recognise their ripeness. That’s why we recommend CVB Manto particularly for use in the food and packaging industries.

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Inspect objects at any position

Would you like to inspect objects in any position? Our portfolio includes two vision tools to solve this task.

The latest tool CVB Polimago is perfectly suited to recognise objects in different positions. Whether it be geometrical transformations such as rotation, size changes and tilting as well as changes in illumination – Polimago delivers robust and reliable detection rates.

CVB Shapefinder also offers reliable recognition performance and is very tolerant against rotation, hidden objects and lighting changes. CVB Shapefinder’s strength lies in geometrical pattern recognition by means of edge-based and contrast-based image processing.

Localise motion in live video data

With CVB Optical Flow we provide you with an efficient tool for determining localised movement in video. The software is able to manage small variations in direction or distance. The robust algorithms are extremely tolerant against poor or rapidly changing light conditions as well as shock and vibration.

CVB Optical Flow is perfectly suited for analysing traffic flows and for all systems with moving components.

Tip: CVB Optical Flow works hand-in-hand with CVB Video Stabilizer - this allows compensation for any global movement due to vibration or movement of the camera mounting before it happens.

Recognize high-speed objects

Fast, faster ... CVB Minos ! This tool is used for object recognition at the highest speeds. It is ideally suited for high-speed assembly lines such as in the production of semiconductors or in the automotive industry.

New! The updated Teach Bench Tool enables easier training of new objects.

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