Common Visoiin Blox Tools - Print inspection


Detect defects on paper, glass or steel

Print inspection with Common Vision Blox

Materials such as paper, glass or steel often undergo inspection - sometimes at very high speeds - in order to detect defects and assign pre-​defined quality classes to them.

Solutions with CVB Print Inspection tools

Inspect security prints

It is no easy task to examine the quality of security features on bank notes and credit cards. In addition to holograms watermarks, security threads or infrared features must be checked thoroughly. We offer special CVB tools to respond to these challenges:

  • CVB Minos
    Recognise even the most complex patterns for example on bank notes at extremely high scanning speeds – even in case of object rotation or scaling. The printing of credit cards is a highly demanding task. But CVB Minos is equipped to cope with the challenges thanks to its ability to distinguish between two similar objects and patterns with varying backgrounds.

  • CVB Barcode
    Identify and verify the most diverse codes on your products. The algorithm locates the codes automatically, regardless of position or rotation. Poor contrast, uneven surfaces or other interfered environments do not pose any problem for this powerful machine vision tool. Needless to say, the software is also able to check the code quality.

Inspect print that varies

In mechanical engineering machine vision hits boundaries when it comes to reading printed or punched characters. In many cases the charaters are difficult to read or show different heights or depths. The versatile CVB Manto software allows you to solve this challenging task.

Note: CVB Manto cannot be over trained - the more examples you give, the better the recognition.