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Flat homogeneous backlight

The CCS TH2 backlight features a very intense and diffuse light output. Highly dense packed LED arrays enable an exceptional uniformity and a very high intensity. This can be used to decrease exposure times and accelerate the image acquisition. The diffusion panel on top of the LEDs also comes with a matt outer surface to avoid unwanted reflections.

Industrial housing

The industry grade aluminium housing provides very good protection and effective heat dissipation.

Different operation modes

The series can be operated with constant voltage or current driven power supplies, as well as strobe and intensity controllers. 

Available with different LED colours

The TH2 backlight is available in white (5.800K) and red (635nm). A number of models can be ordered in blue (465nm).

Optical accessories

CCS offers light guide films with fine louvers and extremely narrow gaps between them. This light guide reduces light diffusion in a particular direction and increases ray parallelism.

Several mounting options

The device is delivered with a number of tapped holes on the sides and bottom to provide maximum freedom for mounting. Additionally, there are dedicated mounting brackets for the TH2 available to properly fix the device. Mounting has been further simplified with a slot profile on the side of the housing.


  • Type: High uniformity backlight with densely packed LED arrays
  • Colour: White, red, blue
  • Cabling: Choice between standard connector, M12, flying leads
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Dimensions: 29x39 mm up to 520x550 mm

Markets and Applications

This illumination is suitable for a wide variety of imaging applications. It is particularly interesting for the inspection of liquid surface level in PET bottles or the edge quality of electric or automobile components, as well as burr detection on metal parts.

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