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CVB GigE Vision Server

Flexible image server for data transfer to multiple PCs via multicast

GiGE Vision logo With CVB GigE Vision Server a PC acts like a GigE Vision and GenICam compliant camera with freely definable features. Any acquisition hardware supported by CVB, as well as processed images, can be delivered as a GigE Vision stream. CVB GigE Vision Server is GigE Vision standard compatible and thus works with any standard compliant software interface from other suppliers.

Available in two versions, the certified GigE Vision Server enables either point-to-point image transmission and system control, or full multicast 'one to many' for distributed processing and viewing applications.


  • Freely define, create and control image data and GenICam features and commands
  • Control the system via GigE Vision functionality by any GigE Vision compliant software
  • Serve image data to single or multiple computing or monitoring devices simultaneously
  • Realise complex system topologies for distributed and pipelined computing

Markets and Applications

  • Remote application monitoring and control
  • Local preprocessing of image data on the GigE Vision Server
  • Distributed processing of images
  • Off-line application development without disturbing the online inspection process on the production line during operation
  • Dynamic networked imaging systems

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