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CVB Image Manager

CVB Image Manager is the core of the product and is required in every CVB application. The unique functionality and approach of the CVB Image Manager as an open standard provides an excellent basis for custom algorithms and applications in industrial image processing.

The CVB Image Manager offers unrivalled functionality in image acquisition, image handling, image display and image processing.

It contains an extensive set of basic functionality allowing you to control many different types of image acquisition devices, as well as a wide range of image handling and processing functions. Furthermore it provides an optimised display with DirectX support and non-destructive overlays, a flexible coordinate system and support for multithreaded operation.

Based on the CVB Image Manager feature for image data access, it is also easily possible to create special algorithms for your specific application, based on the tutorials delivered for all supported compilers.

What is included in the CVB Image Manager?

  • Support of a vast range of image acquisition devices such as frame grabbers and cameras from a variety of vendors
  • Handling of a variety of interfaces including GigE, USB, CameraLink, IEEE-1394
  • Set of interfaces for all main features of an image acquisition device such as grab, trigger, software trigger, ringbuffer, digital IO, linescan and much more
  • GenICam interface for control of a GenICam compliant device
  • Advanced support for line scan cameras with the Linescan interface
  • Control of the image acquisition devices digital I/O ports
  • Ringbuffer operation for maximum throughput
  • Easy integration of multiple asynchronous acquisition devices
  • Asynchronous acquisition with asynchronous events for processing
  • EMUlator as IGrabber interface to be used as an emulation of image acquisition for testing purposes

Image Display

  • Optimised and user friendly image display control
  • Live/Grabbed image display with flicker free overlay
  • Interactive zooming
  • Non-destructive overlays and labels
  • Destructive overlays
  • Areas of interest available

Image Handling

  • Read/write images as BMP, TIF, JPG and others
  • Read Video files, e.g. AVI, MPEG
  • Access to image data
  • Access to any image in memory
  • Free defined and scaled coordinate system for calibration

Image Processing

  • Histogram
  • Image normalisation
  • Minimum, maximum, mean of multiple images
  • Local maxima
  • Rotation, scaling, geometrical correction and polar transformation of images

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