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CVB Metric 3D - Calibration of 3D space

CVB Metric 3D uses predefined calibration template models to calibrate and validate the whole measurement space including calibrating the space with combined datasets from multiple cameras.

Both simple and complex calibration methods are provided, enabling the user to choose between simple calibration templates and simple one shot calibration, or complex templates which require controlled movement of the template, but deliver further reductions of error.

Many 3D acquisition technologies do not provide a calibrated data set. Images generated by laser triangulation are principally affected by distortion from the optical system and the fundamental intercept theories used in the reconstruction.

While integrated systems can be calibrated for predefined situations, a general components based solution needs to be calibrated individually to create a 3D measurement application. However, before considering the demanding calibration, it is essential to understand if having real world corrected units is really necessary. Many 3D applications can work reliably with non-calibrated images, while others definitively need calibrated images and measurement data.

Experience in this field has taught us that the biggest source of errors in systems like this is due to variations in hardware, temperature and mechanical mounting. Therefore it is recommended to contact our experts early to help specify the best configuration for delivering the required accuracy.


  • Enables a 3D space to be calibrated by measuring a defined calibration object
  • Data point area or volume can be directly measured to sub pixel accuracy