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CVB PointCloud 3D - Basic function for the use of point clouds

To enable real 3D image processing the software used has to work with point clouds. The usual reduction of 3D data to range maps, such as normal 16-bit grey value images with coding of height information in the grey values, represents only a compromise and limits possibilities for any subsequent analysis.

CVB Pointcloud 3D expands CVB with basic functions for the use and manipulation of 3D point clouds and is a prerequisite when using the other CVB 3D tools like (CVB Merge 3D, CVB Metric 3D and CVB Match 3D).

Key features of CVB Pointcloud 3D include viewing manipulation and conversion of data between range maps and point clouds using a consistent image format. Emphasis should be put on the Z-map conversion function that enables free rotation of the point cloud generated with subsequent back projection into a new range map. Only after this preprocessing is done, 2D-algorithms can be used on the range map in applications where the camera and device under test cannot be aligned in 3D with each other.

Key benefits

  • Expansion of CVB for the use and manipulation of point clouds
  • Z-map conversion function for free rotation of point clouds
  • Required for CVB 3D tools

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