Common Vision Blox Tools - Recording


Recording images or video sequences at a very high speed

Recording with Common Vision Blox

These CVB Tools are used for recording images or video sequences sometimes at a very high speeds. The sequences can be recorded, stored, loaded and replayed. Movie even supports color images. Image recording tools can be used in a variety of applications such as quality control monitoring of fast moving objects.

Sequence recording and image archiving

The continuous recording of video sequences plays an important role in both industrial and scientific machine vision applications and helps to reduce sources of errors in manufacturing and process automation.

CVB Movie is a powerful Common Vision Blox tool which is able to record video sequences from multiple high-speed cameras and save them directly to hard disk in various formats. The play-back speeds can be freely selected. Even high-speed processes can be replayed in slow motion which helps improve process control for example in the offset printing industry. In addition, it is also possible to record and archive preselected images such as data on defective production.

Sequence recording is often used in the medical field. Applications include training videos on surgical techniques or patient records for remote diagnosis. In the world of sports not only pros benefit from recording solutions to improve their golf swing or their running technique.

CVB Movie in action

CVB video tip


Take your first steps with CVB Image Manager! Watch the video and learn more about the clear architecture and integrated modularity: