Location of and differentiation between objects and characters

Search & Read with Common Vision Blox

One of the most important image processing tasks is the location of and differentiation between objects and the analysis of characters. Typically, CVB search and read tools have been used, for example, for completeness or presence monitoring as well as for the automatic recognition of machine types, handwriting (OCR/OCV) and Barcodes.

Solutions with CVB search & read tools

Inspect objects in any position

Would you like to inspect objects in any position? Our portfolio includes two vision tools to solve this task.

The latest tool CVB Polimago is perfectly suited to recognise objects in different positions. Whether it be geometrical transformations such as rotation, size changes and tilting as well as changes in illumination – Polimago delivers robust and reliable detection rates.

CVB Shapefinder also offers reliable recognition performance and is very tolerant to rotations, hidden objects and lighting changes. CVB Shapefinder’s strength lies in geometrical pattern recognition by means of edge-based and contrast-based image processing.

Read any code or character

When it comes to reading code or characters, CVB provides the perfect solution for you.

CVB Barcode allows the secure identification and tracking of components and products based on a wide range of codes.

Find highspeed objects

Fast, faster ... CVB Minos! This tool is used for object recognition at the highest speeds. It is ideally suited for high-speed assembly lines such as in the production of semiconductors or in the automotive industry.

New! The updated Teach Bench Tool enables easier training of new objects.

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