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Since 2011, our Common Vision Blox and Common Vision Blox CameraSuite software includes the CodeMeter Runtime from WIBU Systems. WIBU Systems recently published six security issues in different versions of the CodeMeter Runtime. These pose an increased risk for systems that are connected to the company network or the Internet. A successful exploitation of these security issues can not only interfere with the operation of Common Vision Blox , but may also enable the execution of foreign code (details are available at

The following versions of Common Vision Blox and Common Vision Blox CameraSuite are affected by the security issue of the CodeMeter Runtime:

Product Variant Affected
Windows 32 and 64 Bit all versions since 2011 (11.00.000)
Linux x86_64 and i686 all versions since 2011 (11.00.000)
Linux armv7l all versions before 2019 (13.02.000)
Linux aarch64 no version

Also affected are users of older versions of Common Vision Blox prior to 2011 who have installed the "Common Vision Blox Protection Updater" to use CodeMeter dongles with these older versions.

Following the recommendation of WIBU Systems we advise affected users on computers connected to their company network and/or the Internet to update the system to the recently released version 7.10a of the CodeMeter Runtime. This version may be installed on systems with older versions of Common Vision Blox and replaces the version installed by Common Vision Blox. Alternatively, an update to Common Vision Blox 13.02.004 solves the problem for all variants of Common Vision Blox and the Common Vision Blox CameraSuite.

On the page and in the Common Vision Blox User Forum we provide all necessary information and download links for the CodeMeter Runtime Update and for Common Vision Blox 13.02.004.

If you have further questions about the security vulnerability in the CodeMeter Runtime and the recommendations given here, please contact our support at or

CVB CameraSuite is provided free of charge for all operating systems with any GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras delivered from STEMMER IMAGING. It is licensed independently from the operating system to the individual MAC address of the camera for GigE Vision cameras, respectively to the serial number plus vendor ID for USB3 Vision cameras number and is therefore not bound to the computer hardware or a dongle.

Linux developers please visit this page to download the complete CVB package including CVB CameraSuite:
Download: CVB for Linux.

The numbers for the free of charge activation are to be found on the license sticker on the package of your GigE Vision or USB3 Vision camera from STEMMER IMAGING. Alternatively, you can also get your license key for your camera online.

File Topics Size
CVB 2021 CameraSuite - Run-Time only setup - Win 32 bit | 13.04.005 Software 212.0 MB
CVB 2021 CameraSuite - Run-Time only setup - Win 64 bit | 13.04.005 Software 205.1 MB
CVB 2021 CameraSuite Windows 32 bit | 13.04.005 Software 260.9 MB
CVB 2021 CameraSuite Windows 64 bit | 13.04.005 Software 274.4 MB