Common Vision Blox - Support


GigE Vision compliant cameras

Supports GigE Vision compliant cameras from different manufacturers.

For example:

  • AVT
  • Basler
  • GeViCam
  • JAI
  • Leutron
  • Microtron
  • Microview
  • SVS Vistek
  • Teli

New features:

  • Implementation of the SocketDriver with much higher performance
  • Changes in interface
  • The now properly initializes the uppermost bits to zero when streaming and unpacking 10 bit packed data into memory.
  • Changes and fixes with packed datatypes
  • Fixed: handling in ring buffer handling
  • Fixed: invalid LockMode handling
  • DCStringCommand now works with the parameters available in iDC_GenICam.h

The CVB GenICam driver is part of the Common Vision Blox Setup and not available as an extra setup. Please install the latest Hotfix. Please use the Common Vision Blox disc to install CVB.