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STEMMER IMAGING has been leading the machine vision market since 1987. It is Europe's largest technology provider in this field. In 1997 STEMMER IMAGING presented Common Vision Blox (CVB), a powerful programming library for fast and reliable development and implementation of vision solutions, which has been deployed successfully throughout the world in more than 40,000 imaging applications in various industries.

Due to the long-term practical experience in a variety of industries STEMMER IMAGING knows exactly the crucial factors for the successful and efficient solution of applications.

Based on this background STEMMER IMAGING developed the platform-independent image processing software Common Vision Blox. Thanks to its enormous versatility and flexibility, Common Vision Blox is one of the most powerful software libraries available for the development of image processing applications. The developers can chose from more than 30 CVB tools such as search tools, tools for writing and barcode identification, for gauging, surface inspection and many more.

To ensure the very highest quality of both standard and specialist cables from STEMMER IMAGING our cable production facility boasts highly-experienced experts in cable preparation and construction and a PC-based electronic cable test system. Our cable offering includes cables for cameras and frame grabbers, control and trigger cables, cables for cable carriers and robotics applications etc.

As an active member in the CameraLink, GigE-Vision and GenICam committees STEMMER IMAGING is a competent expert and plays a leading role regarding these technologies.
CameraLink cables from STEMMER IMAGING are the first European manufactured CameraLink connectors to be registered with the AIA (Automated Imaging Association).

STEMMER IMAGING's product range is complemented by a large range of accessories for use with cameras and frame grabbers, such as protective camera housings, trigger and distribution boxes etc.

CVB Polimago - Tool for fast and robust recognition of polymorphic objects
  • Position, rotation, scaling and tipping invariant pattern recognition
  • Fast execution speed for use in real time applications
  • Fully automatic generation of additional training images
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STEMMER IMAGING changes its legal status


As of 28 November 2017, STEMMER IMAGING GmbH was renamed to STEMMER IMAGING AG.

STEMMER IMAGING and Common Vision Blox: Two anniversaries




Europe’s leading imaging technology provider is celebrating two anniversaries in the autumn of 2017.

CVB 2017 - extensive opportunities for vision solution developers


CVB 2017 is the latest release of STEMMER IMAGING’s versatile Common Vision Blox (CVB) programming library. With a number of new features for both Windows, Linux and Linux on ARM platforms, CVB 2017 continues to be a powerful, flexible and innovative software for fast and reliable development and implementation of challenging vision solutions.