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Detect surface defects

Surface inspection with Common Vision Blox

Surface Inspection is a widely used application within the field of industrial quality control. Materials such as wood, glass or steel often undergo inspection - sometimes at very high speeds - in order to detect surface defects and assign pre-​defined quality classes to them.

Solutions with CVB surface inspection tools

Inspect organically varying surfaces

Inspecting natural products can be a challenging task. CVB Manto not only meets the demanding requirements but greatly exceeds them. It is perfectly suited to identifing different kinds of wood, herbs and spices, or the quality of meat through analysis of the surface structure.

The algorithm works just like the human eye and has its own intelligence, as CVB Manto learns the object’s distinctive characteristics by itself from the training images. Manto’s unique feature: the tool cannot be over trained – the more examples you give, the better the recognition.

Inspection of varying patterns

When it comes to print inspection of materials such as plastic, glass or ceramics machine vision cannot easily provide the optimum quality control as these printing methods often imply product variations. Generally this problem is solved by using a „golden template“.

3D surface inspection

CVB Match 3D checks 3D objects for completeness and flaws. As the smart tool handles the alignment of the test sample, there is no need for accurate part positioning: the algorithm automatically adjusts position errors or tipping and tilts in all three axes.

Moreover, CVB Match 3D is extremely flexible and able to examine different parts simultaneously. In this way fast product changes can be easily achieved and special calibration is not required.

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