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CVB User Group Meeting

Save the date …

We will be holding the 1st CVB User Group Meeting on April 11/12, 2018.

STEMMER IMAGING are ushering in a new era for Common Vision Blox, one with new technology, new interfaces and centred around you, the user.

We would like to invite all users and prospects to the 2018 CVB User Meeting, taking place April 11/12 in the Munich area. Traditionally these meetings have been distributor meetings, but we would also like to connect with users directly, for your benefit and ours.

What can you expect?

  • 2 days of Common Vision Blox at a venue near Munich
  • Direct contact with the experts – the developers, decision-makers and support team behind CVB
  • CVB demos – showing the power and flexibility of CVB
  • Training – to help you get the most out of CVB. From the basics to the new features, to suit all users
  • Application stories – the CVB success stories to show the capabilities and give you some inspiration
  • Networking – to let you find others that might make good partners


The Mornings: presentations

  • The current and upcoming release of Common Vision Blox
  • Vision and automation: OPC UA
  • CVB 3D functionality – Image Manager, Match 3D and Metric 3D
  • Machine learning – what we do, why we do it and how it can work for you
  • Embedded vision – definitions, hardware, programming and applications
  • New interfaces and APIs – C++, .NET, Python

The Afternoons: training

The afternoons are multi-track to cater for users’ needs. Hands-on training for both new and experienced CVB users.

  • New user training – zero to hero in an afternoon!
  • CVB++, CVB.NET and CVBpy – using CVB’s new interfaces
  • 3D tool training – new Match 3D and Metric 3D tools with Image Manager’s 3D capabilities
  • Polimago training – machine learning for variable targets
  • Embedded CVB – getting started on multi-platform applications