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Trialversions - Common Vision Blox (CVB)

The latest service release of Common Vison Blox includes a variety of innovative new functions for image acquisition and processing, as well as an improved set of display methods. Different functions for plotting lines, circles and ellipses destructively into an image, as well as some algorithms for watershed transformation and wavelet transformation have been implemented. Various distance transforms and gradient-​based image segmentations, some new color space conversions and morphology functions are now available to ensure a quick and reliable vision application development.

New features and tools in CVB 2019

CVB Image Manager and CVB CameraSuite

  • Linux support has been extended to include Ubuntu 18.04.
  • New APIs have been released that are spreading across the CVB tools. CVB++ for C++, CVB.NET for .NET and CVBpy for Python support. Together, these APIs build on the existing API (this will not go away) to use the power of CVB in an easier to use and, crucially, an easier to maintain object-oriented way. The new Python support is proving very popular and offers some real advantages for cross-platform development and rapid development.

CVB Foundation Package

  • The Foundation Package has seen a lot of growth in the last few releases, all with no increase in cost. The aim is to make CVB Foundation Package the default choice as the base package for CVB applications.
  • OPC UA client and server communication functions to enable factory communications.
  • Processing of images from polarisation cameras with sensors from SONY and Teledyne DALSA.

CVB Spectral

  • A new tool to allow the acquisition and basic processing of data from hyperspectral cameras and ENVI cubes. This rapidly-growing technology has applications in the food, recycling and pharmaceutical industries in particular, where it allows a chemical analysis of materials. A further area of applications is colorimetry, where wavelength-correct colour images (RGB, Lab) can be created. This tool helps by allowing the data to be ‘sliced’ by wavelength or spatial domains for further processing by other image processing tools. It also allows the creation of real calibrated colour data for applications where accurate colour information is an important part of quality analysis.

Download Common Vision Blox

Download the latest release of the Common Vision Blox as provided with the CVB Media Package including

  • CVB Image Manager, Foundation Package and all available CVB tools
  • Drivers for all current interfaces e.g. for the new interfaces like USB3 Vision and CoaxPress
  • Full documentation of Common Vision Blox
  • Getting Started Guide


We are convinced that you will be hooked on Common Vision Blox after your initial tests, that we are pleased to offer you a free 30-day license. Purchasing a full license, the test version can be changed to a full version without any new installation, all test projects created so far, remain.

The flexible licensing permits to only purchase the required modules out of a vast range of tools and programming languages that are supported. Protecting your intellectual property is important therefore Common Vision Blox provides users access to CVBs robust license protection methods, enabling your applications to be locked to the license serial number. With the recent version CVB 2016, STEMMER IMAGING implemented an even more advanced dongle concept, not only for protection of all modules and applications, but also for protection of customer know-how.