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CVB supports both Windows (7, 8, 10) and Linux (Ubuntu/Debian based) for 32 and 64 bit Intel and ARM architectures. The fully implemented GenICam standard in conjunction with GigE Vision and USB3 Vision on all platforms provides complete hardware independence.

Get CVB software and drivers for Windows

Sophisticated acquisition drivers for all current interfaces like USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, Camera Link, CoaXPress etc. are included.

CVB 2017 brings enhancements to some existing CVB tools in the Windows environment as well as new capabilities.

The following CVB tools offer new functionality:

  • CVB Image Manager and CVB CameraSuite

    • A new device query interface allows discovery of GenICam camera without a configuration file as well as non-streaming GenICam devices such as strobe controllers. It also allows users to query the installed drivers for non-GenICam devices.
    • New tutorials and source code for parallelisation have been added.
    • Automatic licencing of CameraSuite via the internet eases set-up
    • The GenICam grid now supports WPF for cleaner, more modern user interfaces.
  • CVB Polimago pattern recognition has been optimised to improve learning and runtime speeds up to a factor of two.

  • CVB GigE Vision Server now supports RGBA, BGRA and BGR colour-plane formats.

New functionality for CVB 2017 in Windows includes:

  • CVB ShapeFinder 64-bit
    With simple, one-touch training, this brings the highest level of sub-pixel accuracy to searches. It is robust to changes in illumination, rotation and scale and can cope with partly covered or damaged objects.

  • Textout 64-bit
    This allows destructive text overlays for image archiving.

  • Unicode support
    This allows the use of non-Western characters for labels, class-names and filenames etc in many areas of CVB.

  • There is also a new logging infrastructure for the GenICam interface to support complex debugging requirements into a common console.

Get CVB software and drivers for Linux

CVB 2017 with new features:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 support is now provided in addition to Ubuntu 12.04 support. This is the current long-term support release of Ubuntu and is supported on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms on both Intel and ARM architectures.

  • CVB can now also be used with aarch64 devices such as the NVidia Tegra X1 and Snapdragon 810, thanks to ARM 64-bit support. These are the newest ARM designs and offer both power and performance advantages.

Open Source Licenses in Common Vision Blox (CVB)

Like many software packages, CVB has been partly implemented using Open Source libraries.