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CVB supports both Windows (7, 8, 10) and Linux (Ubuntu/Debian based) for 32 and 64 bit Intel and ARM architectures. The fully implemented GenICam standard in conjunction with GigE Vision and USB3 Vision on all platforms provides complete hardware independence.

Get CVB software and drivers

Sophisticated acquisition drivers for all current interfaces like USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, Camera Link, CoaXPress etc. are included.

What is new in Common Vision Blox 2021?

The new release CVB 2021 offers innovative functions for extremely flexible and unsurpassed possibilities for image acquisition. Rebuilt from the ground up, the new 2021 version’s acquisition engine now delivers new capabilities to embrace the new era of complex output acquisition devices while delivering more flexibility in its use.

The New Acquisition Stack of CVB

To stay in line with recent developments in the GenICam standard, the acquisition engine of CVB has been modified to accommodate some of the recently introduced use cases:

  • Acquisition from devices that provide more than just one data stream
  • Acquisition from devices that provide a structured buffer with multiple distinct parts
  • Acquisition from devices that do not send a “traditional” image buffer but data like 3D point clouds or HSI cubes
  • Acquisition into buffers that have been allocated by the user (as opposed to buffers that have been allocated by the driver itself)
Wrappers for 3rd Generation Image Acquisition Interfaces

The new 3rd Generation image acquisition interfaces, introduced in Common Vision Blox 2021, are now also available in the object oriented wrappers C++, CVB.Net and CVBpy.

CVB Web Streaming

Using the CVB Web Streaming Library camera images could be displayed or processed on multiple applications and multiple machines or devices absolutely independent of the operating system. Images are streamed as JPEG or RAW data over http and can be displayed or processed on any client without the need of a CVB installation on the clients.

MultiStream & MultiPart acquisition

The new MultiStream support enables cameras that stream multiple datasets such as prism-based cameras with colour and IR datasets, while MultiPart acquisition supports cameras that deliver complex data such as 3D cameras where separate and different formatted data needs to be transmitted, for example 3D point cloud, RGB surface and information about data integrity at the same time.

New 3D Tool: DNC

DNC is a CAD-based 3D-object recognition tool. It allows to locate objects described by a CAD file in point clouds. Only the geometric properties of the object are taken into account, its color and texture do not matter. This is where the name of the tool comes from: Depth No Color. It is aimed at pick and place and 3D object tracking applications

Ubuntu 20.04 Support

Linux support has been extended to include Ubuntu 20.04.

Included with all GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras

As with previous versions of CVB, our CVB 2021 CameraSuite is included with all GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras supplied by STEMMER IMAGING without additional cost.

Declaration regarding the "log4shell" security vulnerability

CVB has no connection with the Java runtime environment in general and with the Java component log4j in particular. Log4j was not used in the realisation of CVB and therefore CVB is not affected by the security vulnerability known as "log4shell".

The 3rd party components used in the realisation of Common Vision Blox also do not use log4j. The open source C++ component log4cpp, a component of the GenApi reference implementation, only has a similarity in naming, but is not based on the Java runtime environment, which would be necessary for a "log4shell" attack.

Open Source Licenses in Common Vision Blox (CVB)

Like many software packages, CVB has been partly implemented using Open Source libraries.