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CVB supports both Windows (7, 8, 10) and Linux (Ubuntu/Debian based) for 32 and 64 bit Intel and ARM architectures. The fully implemented GenICam standard in conjunction with GigE Vision and USB3 Vision on all platforms provides complete hardware independence.

Get CVB software and drivers

Sophisticated acquisition drivers for all current interfaces like USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, Camera Link, CoaXPress etc. are included.

CVB 2018 builds on everything we have done before, with particular emphasis on 3D capabilities and Linux support.

The following CVB tools offer new functionality:

  • CVB Image Manager and CVB CameraSuite

    • 3D support for acquisition, loading and saving in various formats. Also display and a standalone application to help with setting up 3D images, cropping, look-tables and filtering. Also under Linux.
    • Improved performance when using Teledyne DALSA TurboDrive in CVB – the processing has been optimised, allowing a lower CPU load.
    • Genicam chunk data can be more easily accessed through the nodemap.
  • CVB Foundation Package

    • CVB Foundation Metric has been extended to include 3D calibration, so that optical distortions can be removed and real-world co-ordinate systems applied. Also in Linux.
    • New ZXBarcode reader added, with a particular strength in QR code reading.
    • The following existing CVB Foundation tools have been ported to Linux: Arithmetic, Edge, BayerToRGB, Lightmeter and TextOut
    • The previously-separate tool, Optical Flow, has been added to CVB Foundation Package.
  • CVB Match 3D

    • A brand new development that allows a comparison of a pointcloud to a template pointcloud and returns the difference in alignment. The difference in alignment between the two pointclouds can be used for pick-and-place applications. After the two pointclouds have been aligned, it is possible to find a difference image, where any differences between the two pointclouds can be used for defect detection in 3D.

Open Source Licenses in Common Vision Blox (CVB)

Like many software packages, CVB has been partly implemented using Open Source libraries.