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CVB CameraSuite

Fully-featured, independent GigE Vision and USB3 Vision SDK for various operating systems

The powerful, easy-to-use software development kit CVB CameraSuite is the preferred image acquisition platform for any GigE Vision and USB3 Vision compatible camera and is provided free of charge with any cameras delivered from STEMMER IMAGING.

Fully compliant with the updated GenICam standard supporting acquisition of multiple streams from one device, acquisition of structured data streams that contain multiple logical parts and acquisition into user-specified destination buffers. Additionally, it supports Teledyne DALSA’s TurboDrive V2.0 technology enabling compressed image acquisition from compatible devices which provide acquisition rates of up to 3 times the interface bandwidth.

CVB CameraSuite is particularly flexible in terms of the operating systems it supports.

Supports various operating systems

CVB CameraSuite supports both Windows (8,10,11) and Linux (Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives). Full implementation of the GenICam standard and thus complete hardware independence is guaranteed.

CVB CameraSuite is based on optimised drivers for the best performance. The proven concept of abstracting the memory layout makes it possible to quickly access the captured images and easily implement your own algorithms.

Programming environments

CVB CameraSuite offers full support for:

  • Windows 64 Bit: VB.NET, C#, Visual C++, Python

  • Linux 64 Bit: GNU Compiler Collection, Python

Interactive camera setup

The easy and interactive camera setup is possible using the GenICam browser for the initial settings and a flexible node map can be used for your own applications.

Python Type Hints

Python Type Hints greatly improve usability. The CVBpy wrapper provides functions with additional information about expected parameter types. When CVBpy is used in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), this information is overlaid to help programmers write correct code.

Unconditional Streaming

This feature ensures that cameras keep streaming even if no one is controlling the stream. This is useful, for example, in multicast sessions when the host computer has lost the connection. Unconditional Streaming allows applications to seamlessly connect to a running stream (SwitchOver), which can be used, for example, to implement the fastest possible reconnect after a loss of connection. This requires a camera that supports the GEV Unconditional Streaming feature.

.NET Core support under Linux

This feature allows developers to write CVB.Net programs in C# and then run them on either a Linux or a Windows system. Provided, of course, that no Windows or Linux specifics are used. Currently, .NET Core does not support cross-platform GUI toolkits on Linux. But for command-line programs and those that are accessed via a web GUI, .NET Core offers the possibility to use the same binaries on Windows or Linux.

Pixel Access with Visitor Pattern

With CVB 14, the CVB++ API offers support for memory layout independent pixel access via visitors. For this purpose, optimised code for all possible layouts will be automatically created at compile time. This approach works with a wide range of 2D pixel formats as well as with point cloud data (3D images).


  • Full support for GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras
  • Based on optimised filter drivers
  • Supporting special acquisition features like TurboDrive
  • Fully GenICam compliant supporting MultiStream, MultiPart, FlowSet Pools
  • CVB Web Streaming to display or process on multiple devices
  • Manufacturer-independent access to camera functions
  • Optimised processor load
  • Image data access independent of storage layout
  • Robust C ABI
  • Supports multiple pixel formats
  • Supports VB.NET, C#, Visual C++
  • Object-oriented APIs supporting Python, .NET and C++
  • Easy interfacing with WPF or Qt
  • Comprehensive online documentation

Licensing and Download

CVB CameraSuite is provided free of charge for all operating systems with any GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras delivered from STEMMER IMAGING. It is licensed independently from the operating system to the individual MAC address of the camera for GigE Vision cameras, respectively to the serial number plus vendor ID for USB3 Vision cameras number and is therefore not bound to the computer hardware or a dongle.

The numbers for the free of charge activation are to be found on the license sticker on the package of your GigE Vision or USB3 Vision camera from STEMMER IMAGING. Alternatively, you can also get your license key for your camera online.

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Full-featured SDK for GigEVision/USB3Vision cameras

  • Licensing on MAC address or serial number of camera
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux ...
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